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General Terms & Conditions
  1. I confirm that I have completed the age of 18 years prior to my application to rechargelives,com (Hesh marketing india Private limited) (Here in after referred to as rechargelives.com) and thereby submit my application to the company for
  2. Upon acceptance of my application as a member, I shall be known as an authorized member and shall be bound by all the terms and conditions, rules and regulations embodied in the business program of which a copy has been shown and read to me by my sponsor prior to my application.
  3. I shall not introduce or sell any products or services not approved by the company through THE COMPANYS NETWORK of membership. My business can not be sold, assigned or transferred to any person.
  4. I shall act only as an authorized associate and shall not act as an authorized representative agent or employee of THE COMPANY' in any transaction nor have any express or implied or extensible authority to bind or make any express or implied representation or warranty on behalf of THE COMPANY.
  5.  rechargelives.com will operate its own business and will abide by all rules, regulation, politics and procedures as amended by rechargelives.com from time to time at its sole discretion.
  6. I am responsible to pay all applicable taxes, THE COMPANY provide associates with monthly statement and annual income statements as required by law.
  7. If I desire to discontinue my membership, I may submit my resignation at any time and for any reason upon giving 30 days written notice to the company and I may keep the sale Kit but I shall not be entitled to any refund whatsoever.
  8. The re-admission of resigned/terminated associate lies solely with the discretion of the management.
  9. In order to maintain viable marketing system and to comply with the changes as applicable in law. The company shall be entitled to alter, modify or change business program from time to time and agree to be bounded by all terms and conditions, rules and regulations embodied therein for the time in force.
  10. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the associate rechargelives.com and no other promises representation, guarantees or agreement of any kind shall be valid unless given in writing.
  11. The agreement shall be governed by the laws of the company and all claims disputes and other matters between parties of this agreement shall be brought to the appropriate court of Agra/Uttar Pradesh.
  12. For all purposes, only the English version will be taken as official copy. No printed materials by members is allowed to circulate without the written approval of rechargelives.com otherwise membership could be terminated.
  13. The company shall deduct tax at source from the incentives as per rates prescribed under the income tax ACT 1961. Any member found guilty of spreading any sort of misleading information can be terminated at the sole discretion of the management.
  14. In the event of any dispute arising between the associate and the company relating to any matter concerned with appointment or the subject thereof OT in-relation to and whether as .to the construction or otherwise. The dispute shall be referred for arbitration, as per the Arbitration Act 1940, one arbitrator shall be appointment by each party and two appointed Arbitrators jointly shall appoint the third arbitrator. The decision of the Arbitrators is final and binding on both the parties. The venue of arbitration shall be Agra/ Uttar Pradesh jurisdiction
  15. rechargelives.com can change the incentive structure without prior notice.
  16. rechargelives.com shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages caused by breach, cancellation or suspension of this agreement, whether or not it is possible for such damages is known to rechargelives.com
  17. rechargelives.com reserves its right to amend rules and regulations. 
  18. The member has to submit the documents as and when required by the law. Failing that the membership may be cancelled. 
  19. Occasionally the web site requires maintenance which may result in the site becoming unavailable for some time. We will strive at all times to provide a constant and permanent service but we cannot guarantee continuous availability. 
  20. Any member, who has done any act contrary to the rules, aims and regulation of the company would be removed without any notice to him and appropriate action would be taken against him aper criminal and civil laws.
  21. Jurisdiction in respect of any or all dispute/s arising out of in relation to this agreement shall vest exclusively in the court of Agra/Uttar Pradesh jurisdiction. All payments will be accepted in favour of Hesh Marketing India Private Limited in the form of DD payable at Agra.
  22. Company shall not be responsible for any cash payments made at any place or payment made to any person except for the cash deposited in the company s bank account mention in (our banker saction) on rechargelives.com website or Head office and also have company receipt. 

    Diclamier - I have gone through all the trerms and condition mentioned herein.Now i decided to go for this business
    oppotunity provided by rechargelives.com